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Terms and Conditions for Fulfillment and Logistics Services


Article 1 (Purpose)_

The purpose of the Terms and Conditions of Use for Delivery and Logistics Services is to set forth the rights, obligations, liabilities, services, and other matters relating to the Seller's integrated use of the delivery and logistics services provided by Coupang Fulfillment Service Coupang Limited (hereinafter referred to as "CFS"). (hereinafter referred to as "Coupang Fulfillment Service Coupang "). Through concretization, it is conducive to the establishment of mutually friendly trade relations between the parties, which ultimately promotes the interests of both parties and facilitates common development.


Article 2 (Definitions)_   

The meanings of the terms used in the Terms of Use for Fulfillment and Logistics Services are as follows: terms not defined in the Terms of Use for Distribution and Logistics Services shall have the meanings defined in accordance with general trade practices, including Coupang Terms of Use for Services-Commercial Use.

1. "Stock Preparation Guidelines" means the products that Seller can consign, the standards that Seller must comply with when consigning products into the warehouse, etc. Terms of Use for Distribution and Logistics Services and Coupang Terms of Use for Coupang Services-Combined with Business Use.

2. "Application for warehousing" is an electronic document created and sent by the Seller to CFS requesting for warehousing, stating the type and quantity of products to be warehoused for consignment, the storage period, and other matters determined by CFS.

3. "Service Usage Fees and Costs" means the amount paid by the User to CFS for the use of the Fulfillment and Logistics Services.


Article 3 (Scope of Fulfillment and Logistics Services)

① CFS performs the tasks necessary for the receipt, inspection, storage and management of the products entrusted by the Seller, as well as the transportation and delivery of the products in accordance with the Buyer's order and the Seller's requirements, as well as bar-code attachment, packaging, and customer service We may provide services such as exchange/return processing, take-out, and disposal.

② CFS shall fulfill the responsibility of good stewardship for the products of each business entrusted in the preceding paragraph.


Article 4 (Storage of products)

① The seller must entrust CFS with the storage of the products by filling out a storage application form indicating the type and quantity of the products entrusted for storage and other matters determined by CFS.

② CFS may inform or provide, within a reasonable range, information on the quantity and storage period of the entrusted products through the seller-specific system for the seller to check.

③ CFS may specify the storage location in the storage application form taking into account the operational status of the storage location, the number of goods, etc., limit the number of products that can be requested for storage, change the storage location or storage facility. products, or determine the display method, etc. There.

④ Within the scope of fulfilling the obligations set forth in the Terms of Use for Distribution and Logistics Services and the Terms of Use for Coupang Services - Commercial Use, CFS may obtain and use information about the products entrusted for storage by the Seller, either directly or through a third party.

If it is necessary to confirm the quantity of products entrusted by the Seller for storage (hereinafter referred to as "Inventory Stock"), the Seller shall, in principle, confirm the same through the Seller-specific system provided by CFS in accordance with the provisions of Paragraph 2. This article. However, if the Seller requests CFS in writing at least 14 business days prior to conducting the inventory count, stating a valid reason for the need to conduct the inventory count, e.g., an accounting audit, CFS may conduct the inventory count at the Seller's expense. However, the date on which the inventory count is to be conducted may vary depending on CFS's circumstances, and even if CFS conducts the inventory count on its behalf, CFS will not perform tasks related to Seller's accounting audit other than the inventory count.


Article 5 (Receipt of Consigned Products)

① The Seller will store the Products at the storage location designated by CFS on the scheduled delivery date indicated in the storage application. If the Seller fails to deliver the goods entrusted for storage to the designated storage location on the agreed delivery date without a valid reason, the Seller shall pay the expenses incurred by CFS as a result.

② Sundays and holidays (including compensatory holidays) consignments in principle not in storage, if for any other reason can not be in storage on the scheduled storage date, CFS will notify the seller through the seller's special system. Notification.

③ It may take some time for consignments to be unloaded, received, displayed and maintained in a saleable condition at the storage location. If, due to an increase in the number of consignments, a longer period of time than previously announced may be required for storage. CFS is responsible for the seller for a certain period of time, which will be notified to the seller through a specialized system.


Article 6 (Inspection of consignment products)

① Sellers must comply with relevant laws, the Terms of Service for Fulfillment and Logistics, Coupang's Terms and Conditions of Service-Commercial Use, and CFS's warehousing guidelines provided in advance (the most recent warehousing guidelines published on the seller's dedicated system) at the time of the creation of the storage request). You must store products in accordance with the guidelines) and only for products that can be sold through Coupang. When individual laws require separate handling, storage, or display standards for products or products that require special management due to the nature of the product, products that fall within the scope of export licenses as stipulated in Article 19 of the Foreign Trade Law, or questionable products to be sold overseas in accordance with the relevant laws, Sellers must ask in advance whether the product can be consigned to CFS for storage and only stock products that can be stored.

② During the process of receiving products entrusted to storage, CFS checks whether there are any abnormalities in the product names and quantities, as well as whether they follow the guidelines for warehousing, and if there are any abnormalities, notifies the seller through the seller-specific system. At this time, product quality defects, absence or appropriateness of legal labeling requirements for products, or other matters that are difficult to confirm when the products are packaged, are not subject to inspection.


Article 7 (Restrictions on consignment and retrieval of products)

① The Seller may pick up all or part of the consigned products (including sending CFS to the location designated by the Seller) at any time at the Seller's expense. If the Seller wishes to pick up products that have been placed in storage, it must submit a pickup request to CFS at least 14 business days prior to the scheduled pickup date in the manner separately designated by CFS.

CFS will directly request Seller to collect all or part of the consignment at the time of receipt, during the holding period, or at any time within a reasonable period of time ("Collection"), or require Seller to pick up the consignment, if any of the following applies. The Products may be shipped to a location specified by Seller, in which case the cost of picking up or shipping the Products will be borne by Seller.

1. if you receive products not listed in the storage request

2. if you receive a product that does not match the information noted in the storage request

3. if it is determined that the service usage fees and costs associated with the consigned product exceed the estimated value of the consigned product.

4. relevant laws, fulfillment and logistics service terms and conditions, Coupang service terms and conditions - commercial use, if the products do not comply with the warehousing guidelines provided by CFS in advance

5. If the consigned products have been or may be subjected to recall, suspension of sales or other similar treatment by governmental authorities.

6. If the consigned products are considered to be in violation of public morals and other social norms or difficult to circulate in the market due to complaints from third parties such as consumers and the media.

7. If it is determined that the consignment products violate or may violate relevant laws (not limited to those listed), such as trademark laws, unfair competition prevention, and trade secret protection laws.

8. If the custody of the goods does not comply with the above provisions, the seller is concerned about the decline in the value of the goods or the seller goes out of business and suffers losses, or it is difficult to collect service usage fees, CFS fees.

9. Whether there is any other reasonable cause for the difficulty of storage.

③ If the Seller fails to pick up the goods within the pick-up period, or if the goods have been sent to the Seller's designated location but are still returned, CFS may dispose of the goods at the Seller's expense.


Article 8 (Shipment and Delivery of Products)

① After the Buyer completes payment for the purchased products (hereinafter referred to as "Ordered Products"), CFS shall, at the Seller's request, prepare for shipment in the following manner. In the event that the ordered item is out of stock due to a time difference in the computer system's reflection of the inventory status, CFS shall notify the Seller of the out-of-stock condition so that the necessary measures can be taken.

1. Pick up the ordered products

2.Print and attach the invoice

3.Packaging suitable for transportation

4. Other measures required for delivery

② Transportation and delivery of ordered products (including pickup of ordered products for which the buyer applies for an exchange or return, and redelivery of exchanged products) will be carried out by CFS either directly or through forwarding to CFS Whether or not to forward and the other side of the forwarding will be determined by CFS at its discretion in accordance with the volume of goods, the status of logistics personnel, and other circumstances.

③ CFS may provide delivery-related information, such as delivery tracking services, through a system dedicated to Sellers so that Sellers can inquire about delivery status.

④ CFS, either directly or through a third party, handles on behalf of the seller the formalities required for overseas sales, such as import/export customs clearance and local delivery of products sold overseas. If additional information is required to be provided to the products sold overseas or to the seller due to the need for import/export customs clearance and compliance with the regulatory conditions of the country, etc., the CFS may request the seller in writing to provide the required information and explain the reasons. A seller who receives such a request must provide the data to CFS immediately, unless there is a valid reason, such as the data being a trade secret or management information. If overseas sales are interrupted or overseas sales are made difficult due to the seller's delay or refusal to provide the materials, the seller shall be solely responsible for such interruption, and CFS shall not be held liable for any damages arising therefrom.

⑤ The specific details of the matters stipulated in this Article and all other related matters are determined in accordance with individual usage policies or standards.


Article 9 (Recall of Ordered Products)

① When a buyer exchanges or returns an ordered product, CFS collects it at the request of the seller.

② Ordered products recalled by CFS are, in principle, stored in a re-saleable condition if they are new and there is no decline in the value of the product, such as damage to the packaging, unless there is a case specified in Article 7 (Consignment Storage Restrictions). and Product Recycling). In cases where storage for consignment is restricted, CFS may require Sellers to collect or send Products that have not been stored again. In such cases, the cost of collection or transportation is borne by the Seller, and Article 7 (Consignment Storage and Product Recovery Restrictions) applies to matters related to collection and transportation.

③ Notwithstanding the provisions of the preceding paragraph, CFS shall inspect the condition of the ordered products picked up by its professionals, and if it is determined that the products are ready to be sold after certain procedures such as repackaging, CFS shall provide services to convert the products into conforming products and may provide storage in accordance with the Service Handling Standards (hereinafter referred to as the "Resale Inspection and Quality Services"). However, the Resale Inspection and Quality Service may not be applicable to categories separately announced by CFS in the Seller's exclusive system.

Sellers who use the Inspection and Product Customization Services for resale may be charged a separate service fee, details of which will be provided through the Seller's Private System.

⑤ The Seller resells the product services in accordance with the inspection results of the CFS for products that pass the inspection. However, you may dispute the CFS inspection results in accordance with the Rocket Growth Service Handling Standards.

⑥ In the event that the Products are defective (including but not limited to safety defects) or the Products infringe third party rights or violate relevant laws and regulations, and it is necessary to recall the Products from the Buyer, the Seller shall inform CFS of this fact and take the necessary measures, including but not limited to repairing and exchanging all Products sold to the Buyer, and refunding and compensating the Buyer at its own risk, as well as disposing of the Products. I will. If necessary, CFS may collect the Products directly from the Buyer, take necessary measures such as indemnification to the Buyer, and may dispose of the Products, and may reimburse the Seller for all costs related thereto.


Article 10 (Additional Services)

CFS may, at Seller's request, provide additional services related to the Products consigned for storage. In this case, CFS shall inform the Seller of the details of the additional services as well as the fees for the use of the services through the Seller's dedicated system or in a separate document.


Article 11 (Protection of Customers' Personal Information)

① CFS receives from Coupang the personal information of buyers and other third parties required for the delivery of goods with the buyer's consent, but does not provide it to sellers. However, if CFS is required to provide the Seller with the personal information of the Buyer or other third parties in accordance with the relevant laws, such information may be provided to the minimum extent necessary.

② The Seller shall not use the personal information obtained from the Buyer or other third parties in connection with the Services for purposes other than the fulfillment and logistics of the Terms of Use of the Services and Coupang Terms of Use of the Services - Business Use. In case of violation, the Seller shall bear all civil and criminal liabilities in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, and shall indemnify CFS for its own losses and expenses. 

③ Notwithstanding CFS's reasonable efforts to protect personal information, CFS shall not be liable for any disclosure or misuse of Buyer's or other third party's personal information by Seller in violation of paragraph 2 above.


Article 12 (Settlement of Service Fees and Charges)

① CFS sets the settlement date and settlement method for the Seller, details such as the operation of the secure purchase service (hosting service), including the fees and costs of each service, and provides the above details through the Seller's dedicated system. We will notify you of the following information. We will notify you of the following information.

② CFS may collect service usage fees and costs from the settlement amount calculated for each service utilized by the Seller after deducting an amount equal to the amount of fees for each service payable by CFS as well as fees for which an offset may be claimed, and the Seller may receive payment for these services. I agree with the settlement method.CFS notifies the details (sale price, deduction details, payment amount, etc.) via the Seller's dedicated system or the web page related to the Services. At this point, CFS can use Coupang Pay to handle all tasks related to the settlement of sales proceeds as well as royalties and costs for each service.

③ Coupang Pay can provide the service of notifying the seller of the settlement amount and debit details through CFS and allow the seller to automatically or manually withdraw the amount to be paid to the bank account in the seller's name, which the seller can do In order to operate the service, CFS must agree to provide Coupang Pay with information that identifies the seller as well as the details of the settlement amount and debit amount.

If there is any disagreement or error in the details of the service fee, the Seller may object in writing with reasons within 7 working days from the date of the CFS tax invoice.

⑤ In case of termination of the Terms of Use for Distribution and Logistics Services or Terms of Use for Coupang Services - Commercial Use, CFS may inform the Seller of the details of the service fees incurred up to the date of termination of the Service Agreement and issue a tax invoice to the Seller for the accrued service fees. In this case, CFS is responsible for (1) the Service Usage Fees incurred as of the date of termination and (2) a deposit equal to 30% of Seller's average monthly sales on Coupang for the past three months (even if a sale occurs) prior to the date of termination of this Service Agreement) in case of any claims or exchanges or returns from Buyer that are expected to occur or confirmed at a later date, collection of the amount of the claim, and that, after the first date, the deposit will be refunded to the Seller [1] (2) use, after filing the claim, not more than three (3) from the month of termination of the contract. The CFS for (1) and (2) above can be paid by deducting from the settlement amount related to each service used by the Seller and the Seller agrees to such settlement. 

(6) If one party has an amount to be paid or refunded by the other party (hereinafter referred to as the "Refund Amount"), the party with the right to request a refund shall be based on the transaction relationship (fulfillment and performance) between the two parties. In the event that the other party is required to pay or refund an amount (hereinafter referred to as the "Refund Amount") to the other party, the party with the right to request a refund shall be subject to the transaction relationship between the two parties (fulfillment and performance).

Article 13 (Regarding Dispute Resolution)

① If a dispute arises after receiving a complaint from a third party such as a customer or an external organization, the Seller must notify the Seller immediately, and CFS will provide an explanation in accordance with the requirements for handling the Rocket Growth service or directly handle the relevant complaint Smooth resolution of the complaint is standard, and the Seller may be charged for the relevant fees.

② The specifics of the matters stipulated in this article and other related matters are determined according to the usage policy or standards.


Article 14 (Compensation and Indemnity)

② If the Seller's products are lost, destroyed, damaged, or damaged during the period when CFS is providing services such as warehousing and distribution, the Seller shall compensate CFS if the amount of damage due to such loss exceeds 0.03% of the total value of the products entrusted to the Seller's custody . However, even in this case, the damage caused by CFS's willfulness or gross negligence is not exempted. Details regarding the handling of Seller's lost, destroyed, damaged, or damaged Products, including cases caused by CFS's willfulness or gross negligence, are determined by the Rocket Growth Service Handling Standards.

(iii) Sellers cannot claim compensation from CFS for problems that occur due to consigned products taking a certain amount of time to reach saleable condition to the extent CFS has notified Sellers of the problem.

④ Sellers must fill in accurate information in the warehousing application form for consigned products. Sellers must take full responsibility for any problems caused by filling in false information or omitting information.

⑤ For goods that are restricted from warehousing consignments according to Article 7 of the Terms of Use of Distribution and Logistics Services, the seller shall take full responsibility for any problems that occur during the consignment process and compensate CFS for any losses caused by such problems.

⑥ CFS is not responsible for any loss of sales caused by the seller's failure to make a storage request.

(vii) In the event of natural disasters such as cold waves, heat waves, heavy snow, typhoons, heavy rains, earthquakes, etc., as well as an increase in the volume of shipments, shortage of logistic personnel, strikes, etc. that make it difficult for delivery services to run smoothly, or other operational difficulties, CFS CFS may, within the scope of the necessity, take the necessary measures such as temporarily suspending the delivery business or adjusting the number of deliveries to solve the problem, and CFS will not be responsible for the Seller's indemnification liability related to such measures.

(8) In the event that CFS inevitably suffers damages such as administrative penalties, criminal penalties, or compensation for third party damages as a result of CFS's exemptions from liability as set forth in Paragraphs 3, 4, and 5 of this Article, CFS may exercise its right of indemnification against the Seller.




These terms and conditions are effective as of August 21, 2023