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Coupang Service Usage Policy

Coupang Mall. (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") provides information to those who have registered as members of the online mall operated by the Company (hereinafter referred to as the "Members") as well as to those who sell products using the online mall. In order to provide sound and secure e-commerce services, we have developed and implemented this Policy for the Mall's marketplace services (hereinafter referred to as "Sellers").

* Terms not expressly defined in this Policy are defined in the Coupang Terms of Use.

1. Prohibited Conduct

Examples of member behaviors that are prohibited by Article 12, Paragraph 2 of the Coupang Terms of Use are as follows, but are not limited to the following.


Prohibited Acts (Examples)

Direct Trading

(1) Asking a seller if he/she is willing to trade a certain product directly through Q&A bulletin boards, emails, and phone calls.

(2) Any other behavior that induces, attempts, or engages in a direct transaction with a seller.




1) Intentionally interfering with the sales activities of the Company or the Seller (hereinafter referred to as "Seller, etc.").

2) Purchasing products for resale and selling them to a third party.

3) Interfering with the sales activities of the Seller, etc. by posting price comparisons, defamatory or abusive language on the Online Shop.

4) Violating the company's "Product Review and Product Inquiry Operating Principles".

5) Misuse of various activities, improve the sales ranking of a particular seller, manipulate product reviews, false transactions and other improper purposes of the transaction .

6) Withdrawal of subscription (order cancellation) without real purchase intention after purchase.

7)Repeated purchases without real purchase intent, withdrawal of subscription (cancel order)

8) Returning or exchanging goods without a valid reason or cheating the seller.

9) Deliberate or negligent omission of all or part of the product or arbitrary use or damage when returning/exchanging the product.

10) Any other transaction misconduct equivalent to the above behavior.




1) Conducting credit card (or cell phone micro-payment) transactions under the guise of selling products or providing services, or on behalf of the Company.

2) Using a credit card (or cell phone micro-payment) or making a transaction on behalf of the actual amount of the sale.

3) Selling products purchased by credit card or cell phone payment to sellers at a discounted price

4) Fraudulent use of unusual payment methods prohibited by the Credit Specialized Finance Business Act, the Act on Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization and Protection of Information, etc., and other related laws.

5) Transactions conducted using only the Coupang Payment System

6) Using information (name, credit card information, etc.) required for payment by another person to make a payment without permission or proper authorization.

7) Providing or disclosing to a third party (including family members or relatives) the information (name, credit card information, etc.) of the Member or other persons required for payment or renting a credit card in order to allow someone other than the Member to make payments to him/herself.

8) Payment activities that are recognized as illegal or fraudulent transactions by other card companies and related organizations

9) Fraudulent payments by dividing large and small amounts into repeated payments

10) Selling or buying gift cards, prepaid electronic payment means (Coupang Cash, etc.), discount means (discount coupons), accounts (online shopping mall usage information, such as IDs, passwords, etc.), and other cash borrowing for the purpose of raising cash

11) Any other payment fraud equivalent to the above.




1) Accessing or using the Online Shop and other company information processing systems (hereinafter referred to as "Online Shop, etc.") in an irregular manner not provided by the Company.

(2) Attacking the Online Shop through hacking, computer viruses, logic bombs, mail bombs, etc.

3) Unauthorized copying, falsification, or alteration of information published by the Company.

4) Transmitting, transmitting, or posting information (including computer programs) on the Online Shop, etc. that is not authorized by the Company.

5) Misuse of the Online Shop, etc. to cause damage or gain financial benefits for sellers or third parties.

6) Any other systematic misconduct equivalent to the above.




1) Making statements or behaviors that may lead to violence, defamation, insults, or sexual insults or aversions against the Company's officers, employees, consultants, or trustees (hereinafter referred to as "Officers, Employees, etc.")

(ii) Continuously or repeatedly making unreasonable demands or requests to the executives, employees in respect of industry practices.

3) Contacting executives and employees unrelated to the use of the Online Shop

4) Other behavior that interferes with work on a par with the above.




1) Disclosing or posting obscene or violent information, videos, sounds, or other information that violates public order and morals on the eShop.

2) Inputting other people's information or false information in the member's information.

3) Using the Online Shop for profit without the company's consent

4) Infringement of the seller's copyright, trademark and other intellectual property rights .

5) Behavior that damages the seller's reputation or credibility, etc.

6) Using the Online Shop to infringe on the rights of a third party

7) Any other behavior that violates the Coupang Terms of Use or related laws and causes or may cause damages to Sellers, etc. or third parties.

2. Measures to deal with violations

The Company may take the following measures against Members who have committed any of the prohibited behaviors in Article 1.

(1) Termination of the contract related to the prohibited behavior or equivalent behavior.

(ii) Withholding or recovery of payments (refunds) related to the prohibited act.

③ Withholding or recovering payment of points (Coupang Cash, etc.), coupons, etc. (refund)

④ Restriction of membership (restriction of use, restriction of consultation, etc.)

⑤ Loss of membership

If you have any questions about Coupang's service usage policy, please contact customer service at